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Beautiful Stranger
She sits idly at her desk, her pencil tapping the surface in a rhythm familiar to one of her favorite songs. It is quiet in the office, her eyes frozen on the bright screen in front of her. Her mind is racing a thousand miles ahead of her, and the stress on her body gives her the exhaustion to match. The clock ticks away above her on the wall, a few minutes closing in on her time to leave.
And she is surprised that at this point her mind is not concerned with the hour long drive home, or the draining day of work she is leaving behind. Even more unlike her, her husband is the furthest thing from her mind, or the maintenance on her one-bedroom apartment, which the property manager still hasn't responded to her. No, the overdue cellphone bill, the rent, utility bills, the car payments and cooking dinner were not on her mind. Instead, another lingering obsession stayed, haunting her, as it had been for the past few months.
It would be three years tomorrow since she met the beautiful strang
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  • Listening to: Adrian von Ziegler (YouTube)
  • Reading: La Divinia Comedia
It's been a long time, my friends.

I must say, in the four years I've been a part of DeviantArt, I've spent quite a bit of time away from it and learned a lot about myself and the work that I create.

My life has changed drastically, and so many new lessons have been placed on me.

I'm more selective of the people I choose as friends and lovers. I'm no longer the innocent, wild, strange, and out of control girl I was four years ago. Like the pencil I write with and the knife I cut with, I am sharper, more defined, highly advance, and more mature than before.

Why? What do I owe this change to? Whom do I owe it to?

Not very many names come to mind. No, scratch that, two names come to mind.

My first name to mention is my Evil Angel, my Romeo, the man to whom I have known for over two years now and fell in love with well over a year ago. Not just the simple and light, flitting love that Human beings tread through day in and day out, but something more overwhelming, stronger, breathtaking, frustrating, and changing. Like the weather that gives no hint of its presence or the approaching condition, or life that gives no mention to its meaning, Love found me and embraced me with strong arms and kissed me with warm lips. Delicate roses that litter my bedroom floor, soft hands that know my body inside and out, and a voice that carries me on lullabies and I float away into a dream of complete bliss. Romeo, you changed me from the immature, self-centered little girl I was to the woman you fell in love with. And here we are, over a year later, more in love than before, and you took my hand, kissed me, and asked me to marry you....

Yes, my friends, I am engaged. There is no reason or simplicity behind it. Just love. And love is what fuels my passion now. I found inspiration, loving muse who found me in the darkness of this world and brought me out. I cry in his arms at night as he holds me, for the sole fact that I had never been so happy. I roll over in my sleep and tell him in my dreams I love him. When he looked at me and asked me to marry him I had no other answer but yes, and to this day we are together, blissfully in love, and overwhelmingly happy.

The other name to mention for returning me to this woman I am and not the child I was is Christian, my best friend. If it weren't for you...I wouldn't be able to hold Romeo in my arms now...I wouldn't be standing on my own two feet...I wouldn't be alive, even, if not for you....My big brother, my best friend, my Dark Angel....My Phoenix....

I also find my inspiration outside of my loved ones and friends and developed a stronger, more darker interest in music and art. Adrian von Ziegler (research him on YouTube) gives me inspiration for my writing and artwork. I can still hear his beautiful melodies and sounds in my heart, and as I lay in my bed, I can hear the music, and picture the scenes in my mind. I can see characters, moments, snapshots in time, features and events in my characters' lives that I have to record. I see it all. So I bring it forward, and write it all down, keeping every moment of it frozen in ink and paper....

Last, but not least, I am working on returning to DeviantArt. Not fully, but in the process of it. I want to return and change things around so I can show my talent to the world.

I'm bringing back old stories from long ago and modernizing them, pushing them towards an update where they are relateable, understandable, and competitive against today's "popular" standard of literature. At the same time I also want to induce classical influences of Alleghieri, Poe, and such, as well as mythology, gothic literature, poetry, and horror.

You'll see the return of what used to be known as "Black Moonlight" under a different title, as well as the return of "Forbidden" of the Vampires, and new selection of stories to come about. I'm also currently researching for a "before-mankind" story of the battle between Heaven and Hell, and the development of the Demon, Belial.

Stay tuned....


Artist | Student | Literature
United States
"Her eyes betrayed spells of the moon's eerie light, a disqueting gaze forever ghosting far seas...." A quote from "Thirteen Autumns and a Widow" by Cradle of Filth.

Who is Mistress Liz?

She is the shadow lurking in the back of the mirror's glass, waiting and watching with haunting eyes. She is the nightmare that crawls into your bed and sleeps beside you with her arms wrapped tightly around your vulnerable being. She is the voice that whispers in your ear of your paranoid delusions and creates them to reality.

She is both a lover and hater. A Devil's Creation and God's Blessing.

She is the person writing this letter to those who read.

Now enjoy the little show she has performed day after day, all for the entertainment of her victims....

Current Residence: The Second Circle of Hell (Lust)
Favourite genre of music: Gothic Rock
Favourite style of art: horror & macabre
MP3 player of choice: DOWN WITH THE iPAD!!!
Favourite cartoon character: All the evil ones :D
Personal Quote: Unless you are on DA, you should not be allowed to have more than 200 "friends."

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